benefits of peaches


Health Benefits Of Peaches

Peaches are a fruit that few people eat on a regular basis but one that you may want to start paying a little more attention to.

Peaches are going to offer a wide assortment of nutrients and also rank in very high on the antioxidant scale, providing great benefits when it comes to fending off free radical damage.

Let’s take a closer peek into what the peach has to offer so that you can see for yourself why this is a must-eat fruit.

Did You Know?

When most people think about peaches, they immediately think the pinkish-orange colored fruit. That’s the not the only color this fruit comes in however. You can also get white-green peach varieties as well, which have a very similar taste and skin consistency.

If you do find white fleshed peaches however, note that they are slightly less acidic than the pink flesh variety.

Star Nutrients In The Peach

Looking at the nutritional content of the peach, this fruit is very high in vitamin A content and is also going to provide a solid dose of potassium, vitamin C, as well as dietary fiber.

They also contain a small dose of iron as well, which is important for women to take in to fight off iron-deficiency anemia. If you’re still in your menstrual years, you will be at a higher risk for developing this condition.

In addition to that, the ORAC value, which ranks the food in for its antioxidant content is very high as well at 1814 TE.

Peaches also contain a small dose of folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin, as well as thiamin.

How Peaches Can Help You Lose Weight

Peaches are great for weight loss because first, they only contain around 39 calories per fruit, so will be a low calorie way to satisfy your sweet tooth. In addition to that, the potassium content makes them great for those hard at work with an intense workout program as you’re more likely to feel energized before and after eating this fruit.

Peaches are great served frozen or fresh – however you prefer – And as such, are often used to whip up high-protein smoothies and give the consistency that you’re looking for with an added sweet taste.

To select a ripe peach that will be sweet in taste, try and select on that is slightly softer to the touch and gives slightly when pressed. Focus on using your whole palm to press the fruit though, not your fingertip as they will puncture very easily.

Peaches can be easily added to main courses, salads, snacks, or breakfast meals, so there are plenty of ways to incorporating this fruit into your regular diet plan. If you cut into a fresh peach, keep in mind that just like apples, the exposed flesh will start to turn brownish, so if you wish to serve them sliced, you may want to brush them with a little lemon juice to prevent this.

So don’t overlook peaches any longer. Consider getting them into your day so that you can reap the nutritional benefits they have to offer.


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