Benefits Of Chia Seeds

As you go about your diet plan, taking into account all the many different foods you can eat is vital to your success so you not only get in a wide variety of different nutrients, but so that you also are able to successfully stay on track. Those who succumb to eating the same meals day after day are far more likely to get bored in a hurry and fall off their plan when they do.

One healthy fat rich foods that often goes overlooked is chia seeds. Let’s walk you through the key things that you should know about what this food has to offer so that you can see why it deserves a place in your diet plan.

Did You Know?

Chia seeds is an ancient seed that was very important to the Aztecs as one of their main food crops. It hails from Mexico and Guatemala and was used in native countries for many years before coming into North America.

When shopping for your chia seeds, however, you want to avoid buying red seeds or black seeds that are very small in size. Instead, look for larger black seeds or white seeds, both of which will represent a much higher quality seed.

Star Nutrients

When it comes to chia seeds, the nutritional benefits just don’t seem to stop. These seeds are going to be a great source of calcium to help promote strong bones, manganese, phosphorus, and will also provide some omega-3 fats as well.

They’re also a good source of dietary fiber, so if you’re trying to boost your intake of this nutrient in your diet plan, a definite reason to start looking for ways that you can add them to your intake.

How These Will Help You Lose Weight

These are going to go a long way to assist with the weight loss process. First, they’ll help you boost your insulin sensitivity levels thanks to the omega fats found in them. This then means that you’ll handle carbohydrate rich foods you eat that much better, showing a reduced risk of converting them into body fat stores.

In addition to that, because of the dietary fiber found in these seeds, they can help to stabilize your blood sugar levels when added to carbohydrate rich foods, reducing the chances of overeating.

The added fiber is also going to help you feel fuller longer after the meal you eat them with, so it could help you maintain a lower calorie diet plan.

Finally, these seeds will also help to improve your recovery ability thanks to the omega-3 fats as well, so you will bounce back after your workout sessions faster than before.

Altogether this means that you will be able to put in more hard work in the gym, moving progress right along.

So make sure you aren’t overlooking chia seeds any longer. It’s one seed that packs in a serious nutritional punch and with a very mild taste, will work well in many different recipes.

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