When most women approach their training goals, they tend to be slightly fearful of doing any weight lifting whatsoever as they’re very concerned with aesthetics and think that weight lifting will cause them to appear more manly, not fit and feminine like they desire.

But the great news is that with the right training approach, weight lifting can definitely help you look more feminine and bring you that sexy body that you crave. The key is to know how to structure your training program so that this is in fact the look that you obtain.

Let’s have a quick peek at what you need to know about this training goal.

Perform A Dynamic Warm-Up Before Exercise

Fat Burning Diet - Dynamic Warmup The very first thing that you should be making sure to do in your training program is a dynamic warm-up. This is going to help prepare the body for the exercise to come and ensure that you are able to give 100% during each and every training session that you perform.

A dynamic warm-up should only take about ten minutes or so, but the difference it will have on your results will be well worth it.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Lifting Heavy Weights

Fat Burning Diet - Woman lifting heavy weights The second thing that you must make note of is that you cannot be afraid to lift heavy. We mentioned in the introduction that most women are fearful of this with their training, but this is a mistake. Heavy lifting won’t make you turn overly muscular and more man-like looking.

Instead, heavy lifting will help to increase your metabolic rate, boosting your metabolism and the rate of fat burning that you experience. In addition to that, heavy lifting is also going to help to improve muscle tone and definition in all the key areas that you want to target – the underarms, the waist, the inner thighs, as well as the glutes.

If you use the right exercises and challenge yourself, you will see dramatic changes occurring in these areas of the body.

Include Sprinting In Your Routine

Fat Burning Diet - Woman Sprinting The third thing that you should be doing to produce a training program that is going to get you a sexier figure is to include sprint training in the routine. Sprint training is excellent because it too will boost your metabolism, making sure that you burn calories at lightening speed.

In addition to that, it’s also going to add more shape to your body, rather than just making you a smaller version of your current self.

Since that’s what you’re really going for here, all that moderate intensity cardio training should be dropped from the picture. It’s simply not going to help you attain the look you’re after.

Increase The Density Of Your Workout By Cutting Rest Periods And Keeping Your Workouts Shorter

Finally, the last step to building a sexy female body is to start increasing the density of your workout sessions. You do this by keeping the rest breaks you’re taking much lower to around 30-45 seconds at most.

This is going to ensure that you are continually able to keep your heart rate up, produce a greater fat burning response, and also help you get in and out of the gym in record time as well.

So keep these few tips in mind as you go about your training and you can build that sexy, feminine figure that you’ve dreamt about.


Ladies…share your experience with weight lifting and how it has got you those sexy curves 😉

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