The Health Benefits Of Mint


If you want to give your health a boost, one flavor that you might want to start trying to incorporate into your menu more often is mint.

When most people think of mint, they immediately tend to think about mint-flavored gum. And, while this is one way to add mint into your diet, there are plenty of other options that will help you enhance your nutrition, health, and wake up your taste buds.

Let’s look at a few of the top health benefits of mint so that you can get an inside glimpse into what this great flavor has to offer.


Did You Know?

The initial origin of mint was to help treat stomach ache as well as chest pains, so has been used as an ancient form of medicine for a wide number of years.

It was also utilized back in the day to treat minor burns and skin irritations as well as it has anti-inflammatory effects on the body that will help to improve recovery and tissue repair.

In addition to that, it can also help to clear up your respiratory passages, so could be used to treat a common cold as well or has been also said to help relieve headaches as well.


Star Nutrients

So what will you get when you consume mint? Fortunately, mint is rich in a wide variety of different flavors that will all do your health well.  It contains vitamin A, manganese, copper, along with vitamin C in small dosages as well.

At just five calories per 2 tbsp. serving, you won’t have to worry about adding the calories to your diet either as it’s virtually calorie free.


How It Helps You Lose Weight

Mint comes with a number of great benefits, many of which will cater towards your weight loss goals.

First, it tends to have appetite suppressing properties. When you consume mint, you’ll tend to consume fewer calories overall at the meal you’re consuming; therefore, it can give you a nice boost in terms of being able to keep your calorie count down.

Additionally, mint is going to help to increase digestion, reducing your risk of bloating and gas and causing you to look less lean than you really are. For some people, the level of bloating they experience on a daily basis can make them appear five pounds heavier, so this is a nice added benefit.

Even if it isn’t really helping move weight loss along per say, it’s still making it appear as though you are thinner.

Finally, mint can help with regularity as well, so overall just keep you feeling your best as you’re on your diet, allowing you to maintain a normalized digestive system.

So there you have the key benefits of mint. Try to seep some mint tea leaves in a hot cup of tea after a meal to soothe your stomach or add it into main course entrees or your favorite dessert.

It’s a great flavor that can be utilized so many different ways.


What is your favorite mint treat? Please share in the comments below. 🙂

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