Health Benefits Of Chicken


If you want to burn fat, build lean muscle, and get yourself feeling as good as you possibly can, you’ll definitely want to take into account your protein intake.

Failing to get in sufficient protein is one of the greatest diet sins you could commit, which is why serving up some chicken is such a wise choice.

Chicken is loaded with a number of nutrients that will help you maintain those intense workout sessions and with its high versatility, it’ll help ensure that you are never getting bored.

Let’s take a quick peak into some of the key health benefits that chicken has to offer.


Did You Know?

Choosing organic chicken is a smart decision. Even though it may come with a slightly higher price tag, you are less likely to suffer from food poisoning when going this route as conventionally raised chicken has an increased risk of getting contaminated.


Star Nutrients

The nutrient line-up of chicken is a long one so you can rest assured you’ll be doing your health well. Chicken is going to dish up some vitamin B3, selenium, vitamin B6, choline, pantothenic acid, as well as vitamin B12.

What’s more is that this protein source is very low in fat and carb-free, so perfect for those who are trying to burn fat as fast as possible.

One of the key things you must be doing as you go about a fat-burning diet plan is avoid protein sources with added fats or carbs (unless it’s healthy omega fats as found in fish), so chicken can help you do just that.

Just be sure you are choosing the variety without the skin as that will help to ensure that you are getting the chicken as lean as possible.


How It Helps You Lose Weight

Chicken is great for fat loss first and foremost because it helps cure your hunger pains. Protein is the most satisfying nutrient you can consume and you’ll find that it keeps you satisfied for hours after you consume it.

Furthermore, protein is also going to be great for building up lean muscle mass, which can help you maintain a stronger and higher metabolic rate.

If you can boost your calorie burn 24 hours a day, this only leads to faster overall fat loss all day long without you having to change anything.

Finally, chicken is also going to help to improve your cholesterol health, reducing heart disease and stroke, so if these are a concern for you or you have a family history of these conditions, you’ll definitely want to be taking chicken in more regularly.

For those who have a busy schedule and often find themselves short on time to prepare elaborate meals, chicken works great because it can be prepared so quickly.

Plus, it freezes great so you can easily cook up a large batch and place it in the freezer over time and take out as you need it.

So don’t overlook the benefits of chicken any longer. It should become one of your primary sources of protein to be consuming on a regular basis.


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