Health Benefits Of Bananas

One big mistake that some people make who are aiming for optimal fat loss is avoiding fruit altogether. They come to believe that since fruit contains fruit sugars, it’s a big no-no for their diet plan.

But, what they fail to recognize in all of this is that while fruit does contain fruit sugar, it also contains fiber, antioxidants, and other important nutrients that do your body well.

And, as in the case of the banana, it also contains carbohydrates that will fuel your muscles great during your intense exercise program.

Did You Know?

One interesting fact about bananas is that the banana plant can easily grow up to 10 to 26 feet tall in some regions, providing 50 to 150 banana clusters, with each one providing 10-25 bananas each. This is one reason why you will often find bananas are a lower priced fruit – one tree can provide such an abundance that they are cheaper to produce.

Star Nutrients In The Banana

Bananas are going to be a powerhouse food when it comes to delivering your body the nutrients that you need. They will offer up a good dose of vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, biotin, as well as copper.

Even better, bananas contain a blend of carbohydrates including both starch and sugar, making them a perfect post workout choice. The faster digesting sugar will help to speed up the recovery process while the starch will take longer to digest and can be used as an ongoing source of fuel and for muscle glycogen replenishment.

How Bananas Help You Lose Weight

Bananas are a very high energy food thanks to their carbohydrate and potassium content. This fruit will fuel your intense workouts and support a good recovery, so whether you choose to eat it as a pre-workout snack or after you finish, you’ll be served well.

In addition to that, a regular intake of bananas can help to keep your blood pressure in a healthy range, which is important for those who are partaking in intense physical activity regularly.

Since bananas contain a high dose of dietary fiber as well, they’ll fill you up and make it less likely that you go on to consume more calories in the hours that follow.

If you serve them up with a little added healthy fats such as a smear of natural peanut butter or a handful of almonds, you’ll really increase the satiety effect this fruit offers due to the fat and fiber combination.

One thing that you do want to keep in mind about the banana however is that the yellower it gets, the riper it is and the more it will spike your blood glucose level.

Therefore, if you want to keep your blood sugar levels as stable as possible, try and choose bananas that are little less ripe whenever possible.

So don’t shun the banana. It is higher in calories than most other fruits, but provided you work it into your total daily calorie total, it will easily help you reach your weight loss goals and feel great as you do so.


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