As the “Lean Kitchen Queen”, most of my knowledge and interest lies within healthy cooking that will help you melt pounds off your body while being delicious and enjoyable at the same time.

BUT…as you know, diet is only one part of the puzzle. You still have to follow a well designed workout program that will help you tone our body and give it that fit and firm shape. So as I kept delving more and more into exercise, I found myself more and more interested in sharing that aspect of fitness with you all too πŸ™‚

Which brings me to today’s topic…

Is it just me or are these two exercises a LOT more difficult for us women than men?

I mean I have been training with weights for quite a while now and have gotten considerably strong.

But when I used to try to do Pushups and Pullups…. I felt like I was going to collapse!

Turns out…while I was working on improving my “absolute” strength, I still had long ways to go with my “relative” strength.

So I finally decided to take things seriously and work really hard into improving my performance in these two exercises.

The result? Check it out…

As you can see, I have made HUGE progress with my pushups but my pullups are still lagging. But no worries…I’ll get there πŸ™‚

Now here is my question…

How many pushups and pullups can you do? And how bad do you want to improve on that number?

If you really wish to get strong and fit enough to do respectable number of pullups, you can take part in my upcoming Pushup/Pullup challenge. Keep an eye out for details…

PS: I really want to know where you are currently at with these exercises so drop a comment below and let me know πŸ™‚

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