One area of the body that far too many women are fast to overlook with their training program is the delt muscle. While you may not have the desire to build up large, bulky delt muscles as that will without a question of a doubt give you a more masculine appearance, developing the delts to a degree is definitely a wise plan.

Oh by the way…delts are your shoulder muscles 🙂

Not only will this help you look a lot better whenever you’re wearing sleeveless shirts or dresses, but if you have a little more delt shape and size, it will help to create the illusion of a thinner waist as well, helping you get that hourglass figure that so many women desire.  If you leave out delt training from your program, you’re really missing out on what could be one of the most critical elements that help to create that sexy female shape that you’re going for.

In order to get the look that will keep you looking feminine and sexy, it’s important that you understand how to go about delt training properly.

Let’s look at the key points that you should know for great success.

The Natural Shape Most Females Take

Fat Burning Diet - Small deltoids

First, let’s consider the natural shape that most women have for their delt region. That shape?

Flat and small.  On their own, most females hardly have any delt development, and as a result, it’s not abnormal at all to see that most women are weaker in this muscle area.

As a result, performing just a few key exercises and making sure that you’re fully challenging yourself with them can have a profound influence on the overall shape and look that your delts take on.

You don’t have to devote a lengthy period of time to each workout training the delts, but you do need to make sure that you aren’t neglecting them.

Exercises To Get You Attractive Delts

So which exercises should you be doing to build up your delts?

For best results, start with the shoulder press exercise.

This is the exercise that is best going to hit the shoulder muscles, making sure that you are able to develop a little more size to the overall muscular region.

Fat Burning Diet - Shapely Deltoids
The shoulder press should be the key exercise that makes up your delt training program as it is compound in nature, meaning it works multiple muscle groups at once.

In addition to the shoulder press, to help bring out each head of the delt region, turn to front lateral raises, side lateral raises, and reverse lateral raises.

These are isolation exercises, meaning they will specifically target just that single muscle head of the shoulder area, but that is precisely what you want at this point in time. By hitting just the delts alone, you’ll help to bring out maximum muscle definition and reduce the chances that other muscle groups come into play and start taking the focus off the delt muscles.

This way you can reap optimal training progress, ensuring that the delts are getting the attention that they need.

So if you aren’t training your delts properly right now, make sure you make a few adjustments to your training plan so you are. You will love the resulting impacts it has on your body appearance.


What exercises do you do for your delts? Let me know

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