Looking to ramp up your nutrition program and see faster success? One big mistake that many women make as they go about their nutrition program is thinking that eating fat is something that must be avoided.

They believe that any foods that contain more than just a few grams of fat should immediately get the boot from their diet plan.

Little do they realize however that healthy fats are an absolute must if you want to see fat burning success. It’s processed carbs that are the real enemy here.

Let’s look a little further at this concept so that you can get the facts you need.

Why Fat Is Deemed The Bad Guy

First let’s look at why dietary fat is often viewed as the ‘bad guy’. What did it do wrong to deserve this title?

Way back in earlier times, people started cutting fat out of their diet and saw some fat loss results. But, this does stand to reason.  Dietary fat contains over twice as many calories per gram as proteins and carbs do, so if you take someone who isn’t monitoring their calories and eating a high fat diet and remove those foods, weight loss will be inevitable.

Most of the high fat foods that were eliminated were ones that held little nutritional value – burgers, pizza, chocolate, chips, and so on.  These were unhealthy fats that only did the body harm.

Why Zero Fat Diets Are Counterproductive

But the real truth is that the right types of fats will actually help your fat loss results.  There’s a certain type of fat – omega fats, that will help to increase your insulin sensitivity and can promote a much leaner body long term.

In addition, these fats are great for helping to ward off disease and keep your brain functioning optimally. Cut them out and it’s bad news for your health.

Avacado - A fat that burns fat

Avacado – A fat that burns fat!

Additionally, those women who use ultra low fat diets will often find they’re hungry throughout the entire course of the day. Fat slows down the speed of digestion, so will really up the satiety you get from each meal you consume.

Finally, healthy fats are required from a hormonal standpoint as well. If you take your fats too low, your hormones may go haywire and this will impact everything from your ability to have a baby to how you feel on a day to day basis.

The Truth You Must Know

So what you need to be doing with your nutrition plan instead is making sure that you’re eating the healthier varieties of fat and monitor your serving sizes.

Then, you need to be cutting out processed carbohydrates.  Those are the real enemy here because they’ll cause a blood glucose spike, which causes insulin to flood into your system and will increase the risk of weight gain.

So many women who use diet plans are not eating carbohydrates right at all – they eat them at the wrong times in the day that only leads to fat gain rather than stable energy levels and fat burning.

fat burning foods

So your best bet right now is to replace those processed carbs. Choose unprocessed carbs instead and eat them primarily around the workout period.

Do this while maintaining a proper calorie intake and you will be on the right track to fat burning success.

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