Health Benefits Of Eggs

One of the top protein sources that should be included in everyone’s diet regardless of whether you want to burn fat, maintain your weight or build up more lean muscle mass is the egg.

Eggs are a cost-effective source of protein as they are cheaper than most other protein sources on the market, and with a very high amount of versatility, the chances you get bored of eating eggs is slim to none.

Eggs pack in a solid nutritional punch, so let’s go over some of the key reasons to be adding them to your diet plan.

Did You Know?

The egg yolk is home to the important omega 3 fatty acids that your body needs to sustain optimal health, yet many people are fast to toss the yolk when preparing their egg-based dishes.

Furthermore, the level of omega 3 fatty acids found in your egg is actually going to depend on the total amount of omega 3 oils found in the hen’s feed. This is one reason why many people choose to purchase organic, free range eggs rather than conventionally farmed varieties.

The total fat profile of the egg will be far healthier if you go this route.

Additionally, many people avoid egg yolks because of the cholesterol content they contain; however, more recent studies have noted that it’s not as big of an issue as once thought. Individuals eating anywhere from one to six eggs per day showed no marked difference in their risk of heart disease, so put this fear to rest.

While the egg yolk does contain most of the calories found in the egg, as long as you balance it into your day, there’s no reason to avoid the yolk any longer.

Star Nutrients

The nutrients that each egg will offer you include choline, tryptophan, selenium, iodine, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, phosphorus, vitamin B5, as well as vitamin D.

Note that the egg white contains notably fewer nutrients than the full egg, so if you do only eat the white, you will be missing out on some of the health promotion whole eggs provide.

How They Help You Lose Weight

Eggs and egg whites will help you lose weight first because they provide a reliable source of protein that will help to repair muscle damage, allowing you to see lean muscle mass gains. This then helps boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat at rest.

In addition to that, as egg whites are a high volume food, you can eat quite a few of them for few calories. On a strict diet where it feels like you just don’t have enough food to eat period, this can be much relief for a hungry individual.

Finally, eggs are quick and easy to prepare, so they can be a go-to snack at any point in the day and prevent you from turning to much less fat-loss friendly options that you may choose instead.

So get more eggs into your regular diet. They are a food you’ll rarely grow tired of and support any fitness minded goals.


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