Too often people restrict themselves to a very limited number of options when it comes to food sources. For carbs its usually brown rice, oats and sweet potatoes. Why do that?

It’s imperative that you’re taking a look at the different types of carbohydrates you’re eating, making sure that you’re feasting on high quality sources that are going to help to stabilize your blood glucose levels and keep your energy levels constant throughout the day.

Another popular carb source is Quinoa. Quinoa is a very often consumed form of carb as it’s high in fiber, high in protein, and has a low impact on blood sugar levels.

But now, there’s a new kid on the block – Canihua.  More and more people are turning to this as their primary source of grain, so let’s look at what it’s about so that you can decide if it’s one you want to start including as well.

Canihua Explained

Fat Burning Diet - Canihua Canihua is a grain that is a cousin to quinoa and has been specialized to grow at high elevations.  It’s been a staple group in the Andean highlands for thousands of years and is now starting to make its way to the North American diet as well.

The nice thing about this grain is that it is able to withstand frost occurring at night and can also still grow in temperatures of up to 28 degrees C, so it’s a very good grain for extreme climate conditions.

The Benefits Of Eating Canihua

This grain, like quinoa, is going to have a lower rating on the GI index, meaning it will break down and digest more slowly in the body, providing you with a steady stream of energy over time.

This is highly beneficial for anyone seeking fat loss results since you won’t get the energy highs and lows that you otherwise would, which will just lend to you craving more food overall.

Fat Burning Diet - Dietary Fiber Additionally, this grain is also rich in fiber, so can help to improve regularity, help to stabilize blood glucose levels, and help to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy digestive system and lowering heart disease.

How To Consume This Grain And The Best Time Of Day For Maximum Results

When adding this food to your diet, you’ll still need to practice moderation just like any other food otherwise the calories and carbs will add up quickly. If you aren’t regulating your portion sizes, you could easily take in more carbs and total calories than you’re supposed to.

Additionally, you should make sure to consume it earlier on during the day or immediately after a workout period.

It’s at this time that you need the most carbohydrates for energy purposes and when they’ll be least likely to be converted to body fat.

If you serve it up with a lean protein source after a hard workout, it can really go a long way towards helping you reach a maximum state of recovery.

So there you have the key facts to know about Canihua. It’s a great grain to look into if you wish to shake things up with your diet plan.

Since its so similar to Canihua, I tried using it in one of my Quinoa recipes. It was AWESOME! Better than the original 🙂
Here’s the recipe. Just replace the Quinoa with Canihua in the exact same quantity.

Fat Burning Diet - Quinoa Burrito


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