4-Week Squats And Abs Challenge

Looking for a challenge to help boost your fitness level and keep you motivated to give it your all throughout each of your workouts? If so, this 4-week squats and abs challenge will deliver.

Since both “the core” muscles and lower body muscles are two problem areas most women often focus on, you’ll see great results by executing this challenge.

Done over a period of 4 weeks, it’s long enough to get great benefits but not so long that you lose motivation.

Let’s go over what you should know.

The Challenge

The goal of this challenge is going to be able to perform 50 squats and 50 full front sit-ups all in a row without rest in between.

Each challenge will be divided up into 4-week segments, with each week progressing upon the next.

Here’s how to do it.

Week 1

During this first week, your mission will be to perform 10 sets of 10 squats and 10 front crunches in the single workout.  Take 1 minute of rest time between each set that you do, which will allow you to fend off fatigue and get through all 10 sets without a problem.

If you like, you can also alternate between a set of squats and a set of abs as you do this.

Do this workout three times this week, taking one day off between sessions.

Week 2

In the second week, we’re going to bump it up a bit.  You’ll no longer be allowed to alternate between squats and crunches, but instead you’ll perform all of the squats and then all of the crunches.

In addition to this, rather than performing 10 sets of 10, you are now doing to do 5 sets of 20 reps. This will start to build up your muscular endurance level, getting you closer to the 50 straight rep victory.

Do this workout three times as well, taking one day off between each session.

Week 3

Moving into week three, we’re going to have you step up your game one more time, doing 2 sets of 40 reps.

You may not get all the way through the 40 reps in one go. That’s fine. If you need to stop and rest before the 40 reps are up, you can do so, but just carry on again as soon as possible.  Then once all the 40 reps are completed, then you can stop and rest.

Do this workout three times per week, like the previous weeks.

Week 4

Moving into the last and final week, you will be aiming for your 50 straight reps. Just like previous week, if you need to stop and rest, do so, but keep going as soon as possible.

This workout should also be done 3 times this week and on the third workout, your goal is to complete the 50 full reps without rest.  By this point you should be conditioned that you can do so.

If not, add one more week, repeating week 4 once again and you should find that after that 5th week, you see success.

So if you need something to challenge you to put in more effort with your workouts, try this 4-week 50-rep Squats and Abs challenge. Push yourself hard and you will be amazed what your body can do.


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