If there is one thing that you must make extra sure you aren’t falling for is believing that spot reduction is possible.

Sadly, far too many people fall prey to this and it can throw them entirely off track.

Getting a good training plan in order is one of the top secrets of success and if you’re falling for this spot reduction myth, you’ll be using unsound principles that just won’t deliver results.

This said, let’s go over the key things that you need to know about what the spot reduction myth is and how you can make sure it doesn’t impact you in a negative way.

What Is Spot Reduction?

First things first we need to go over what spot reduction is in the first place.  Spot reduction is essentially the belief that you can specifically remove body fat from just one region of the body.

Women tend to be much more prone to believing this because they zero in and focus on their one ‘trouble area’, performing rep after rep of exercise to try and target that region.

Most women tend to shy away from compound exercises using heavy weights as well, so this only increases the tendency to utilize the spot reduction myth.

How People Are Using Spot Reduction

When looking at the specific methods that many people often use spot reduction for, the abs take the cake.  How often do you see people working away on abdominal crunch mats, trying to get a firmer stomach?

This is an extremely common sight in most gym. Only, this is not going to lead them to any sort of results that they are looking for (sure it builds abs, but it doesn’t burn maximal amounts of bodyfat).

Another common method of performing spot reduction is doing side leg raises to target hip fat or performing tricep movement after tricep movement to hit the underarms.

While these exercises may strengthen the muscle groups, they’re doing very little to actually burn fat from that region.

The Real Secret To Shedding Body Fat

So what’s the better way? What’s the real secret to shedding body fat with your training?

The main thing that you need to remember is that fat loss is a full body phenomenon.  In order to lose body fat, you need to create a calorie deficit throughout the day, which is what will get your body to turn to excess body fat for fuel.

As it does this, that’s when you’ll begin to notice yourself getting leaner and leaner each day.  So to see the most optimal results with your fat loss program, you need to be doing whatever types of exercise cause you to burn the most calories.

And, those exercises are the ones that work the greatest total number of muscle fibers at once.

If you do these, you’ll have no problem seeing the results that you’re after.  These exercises include movements such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, shoulder presses, bench presses, push-ups, bent over rows, and so on.

These will cause the body to use more fuel for energy, eventually turning to your body fat stores.

So there you have the myth of spot reduction.  The best way to slim down any part of your body is to combine a proper training program with a good diet. Work as many muscles as you can at once and you will be on your way to seeing optimal progress.

If you have just learned the truth, then I trust you will take the right actions and make the changes needed in your workoutl

Those of you who learned the truth a while ago, how have your results improved since learning this?


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