If you’re someone who’s looking to improve your body composition, get stronger in the gym, and achieve all your health and fitness goals, one nutrient that you absolutely cannot be missing out in the diet is protein.

Protein is what will preserve your lean muscle mass, ensure that your hunger level stays down, and help to stabilize your blood glucose levels, making sure that you never experience a high followed by a crash.

Sadly though, protein is what many people do fall short in as they move about their diet plan.  If you find that you are struggling to get enough of this nutrient in, one thing that you might want to look into that will make it much easier is a quality protein powder.

Let’s go over the main things that you need to know about protein powder so that you can get the facts straight for yourself exactly what this substance is.

What Is Protein Powder

protein_powder First let’s go over what a protein powder is. Many people come to believe that protein powders hold some ‘magical powers’ that will cause them to build muscle virtually overnight.

This, however, is not the case at all.  Protein powder is simply a very convenient form of food that will provide your body with similar nutrients that a chicken breast, a piece of fish, or an egg white would.

While some protein powders are formulated to be digested more quickly or slowly in the body, they are still just providing you with this basic macronutrient.

Is It Good For Women To Use?

Even still, many women feel very uncertain about using protein powders.  They can’t get around the notion that protein powders will make them bulky.

You need to get past this.  As we just mentioned, it will make very little difference on how you look if you consume a scoop of protein powder or consume 3 oz. of chicken.  In fact, if you’re currently short on protein and have a scoop of protein powder, if anything it will help you look slimmer since you’ll be meeting your protein requirements.

Protein powders are very safe for females to be using and are highly recommended as part of your diet plan.

How To Choose A Good Protein Powder

So now that leaves us with the question of how you should be choosing a protein powder.  What do you need to know in order to pick out the best one?

If you’re going to be using the protein powder right around the workout period, you’ll want to opt for a whey isolate protein powder. On the other hand, if you are just planning to have a protein shake throughout the day then it would be wise to try a good quality protein powder like Dale’s Raw Food Protein Powder.

You can check out all the protein powders available here: Dale’s Raw Food Protein Powder.

In addition to this, try and select a protein powder that contains as few carbs and added fats as possible so you aren’t taking in any extra calories that you don’t need.

One rule that I always use is to look at the nutritional information. It needs to have 25g or more per scoop (30g scoop) and it needs to have 2g or less of carbohydrates and 2g or less of fats.

ISO-SMOOTH Also avoid any artificial sweeteners or other ingredients that have been added in as these will only increase the chances that you have adverse side effects.

A good one that I take and recommend to others is the protein powder that Bluestar makes. You can check them out and even order from them online.


So there you have everything you need to know about a protein powder.  When used properly, this is one of the best supplements that you could be taking in.

Any questions on protein powders? Post below 🙂


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