If you’ve recently given birth to a brand new baby boy or girl, chances are you are overwhelmed with the amount of joy in your life. This is a magical time for you and while you may be feeling slightly on the exhausted side, you wouldn’t change it for the world. Still, thoughts of your body may be starting to creep into your mind along with all the changes that have taken place to it over the last nine months. At this point, you might be wondering what you can do to help get that pre-baby body back so that you are looking and feeling as great as you were before you became pregnant. Many women make this mission out to be far more challenging than it should be, so let’s go over a few of the key tips that you must keep in mind regarding getting back into shape after pregnancy. Take Proactive Action The very first thing that you should be noting is that if you want to get your pre-baby body back, one of the very first things that you should be doing is aiming to prevent excess fat gain during the pregnancy itself. Being pregnant doesn’t require you to eat an extra couple thousand calories per day.

Fat burning diet - Pregnant woman eating healthy

Pregnancy is not an excuse to eat junk!

Yes, your calorie needs do to up, but many women dramatically overestimate just how much they go up by. By keeping things under better control, you’ll reduce how much fat weight you have to shed after the pregnancy period is up. Getting That Pre-Baby Body Back Now if you’re reading this late and you’ve already given birth so there is no going back now, then there are a few points to keep in mind moving forward. First, make sure that you focus on whole, healthy foods. Now is not the time to crash diet, but rather focus on eating foods that will fill you up, enhance your health, and maintain your energy level. If you cut out all the processed foods in your diet and eat as clean as you possibly can, this is going to ensure that you are naturally feeling satisfied after each meal you eat and will not have that urge to snack as often, reaching for junk food as you do. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Aim to get some form of lean protein with each meal and snack you consume. On the exercise front, split your workouts up into 10 minute intervals or so. This is going to help you get them in more often throughout the day and ensure that you are not skipping sessions due to time constraints. Go out for a 10 minute brisk walk, perform 10 minutes of body weight exercises, or turn up your favorite music and dance around the house for 10 minutes. All are very viable ways to burn extra calories throughout the day. So keep these tips in mind. If you stay committed and focus on reasonable changes that you can maintain moving forward, you should have no time re-gaining your pre-baby body back.


Mommies…How did you get rid of that pregnancy weight?

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