Almost every women  know wants to work at toning up their behind 🙂

But what exercises are the best for doing just that?

Can walking or running work? Maybe, a little.

Of course, losing some fat will most likely help you get a better shape but in the end some of the best butts are built by using progressive resistance programs and using weights or some sort of bodyweight workouts that specifically target the glutes.

Here is another guest post from Flavia Delmonte with a unique video that target primarily your glutes.

Lots of GREAT information in this video that you can use for your own training and some truly unique exercises that will have you sculpting those glutes in no time at all!

Butt and Hamstring Workout Breakdown

Exercise 1: Smith Machine Single-leg Deadlift 3 x 15
Exercise 2: Eccentric Hip Extension 3 x 20
Exercise 3: Leg Curl 3x 15
Exercise 4: Lunge Hop 3 x 10

Ever try any of these exercises? Got any others you would like to share?

Post a comment below 🙂

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